e-Learning Academy

e-Learning Academy

Sator launches a new e-Learning Academy

Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited is proud to launch a new and revised, easy to use and visually stimulating e-learning Academy, specifically designed with one thing in mind, the Offshore Financial Services Industry.

All training will include Case Studies relevant to the particular jurisdiction. Each course will include a Question Bank specifically designed to test learners’ understanding on each module.

What will the new Academy offer?

The new e-learning Academy currently provides jurisdictional AML/CFT courses for businesses located in Jersey, Guernsey & the Isle of Man. Courses are also under development for Malta, Gibraltar, Singapore, the BVI and Hong Kong.

More than AML/CFT?

The e-Learning Academy will provide the following additional topics specifically designed to help refresh employees’ knowledge and understanding on the various risks and responsibilities faced on a daily basis:- Anti Bribery & Corruption, Sanctions, Conflicts of Interest, Tipping Off, Fraud Prevention, EDD/CDD, Data Protection, SARs, CRS, AIFMD & Cyber-Crime.

Already have your own Learning Management System?

If your business has already invested in its own independent Learning Management System, that is not a problem.

Sator can provide the following integration solutions:

  • Course "files to integrate" into your system
  • Secure "Client login" portal that will link directly with your own website
  • Or, you can simply use our easy to use and aesthetically pleasing "online Academy" 

Does your business require Bespoke Course Development?

If your business requires cost effective and reliable e-learning training courses on other subjects to help minimise costs and maximise productivity, Sator can provide them at highly competitive prices. We can either assist you with an entire course, developing it for you from start to finish or, alternatively and more cost effectively, you can supply the ‘storyline’ and Sator will develop the content and put it into the e-Learning format, reducing costs and ultimately helping provide a growing e-learning library for your business.

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Course Development?

• Include pictures, videos and corporate branding in your training

• Add custom-built Question Banks

• Increase productivity as training can be conducted throughout the year

• Annual training costs are dramatically reduced as the online training is unlimited

• Training can be completed remotely – perfect for busy schedules

• Update and amend the training as and when required

• Record employees’ training achievements on a database

Flexible Payment Options

We are currently offering two payment options, namely:

  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • Launch Promotion

To celebrate the launch of the e-learning Academy, for a limited period, Sator will be providing all clients with complimentary branding and three bespoke questions to build into your e-Learning training, ensuring a bespoke touch for your business.

Would you like to find out more?

Check out our video below!

Phone or email for a demonstration.

+(0)44 1534 617298 or email e.hatton@sator.je

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