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Sator Fidelis

Welcome to Sator Fidelis, a ground-breaking new service designed to deliver assurance to the Protectors and beneficiaries of trusts that the trust structure is being appropriately administered in line with the objectives for which it was created, and the beneficiaries interests are being served.

Sator Fidelis is a member of the Sator Family of companies, and has been founded by Sator Regulatory Consultants founder and Managing Director, Helen Hatton, and David Garland, an executive with over thirty years experience in the leadership of trust and fiduciary businesses in a number of jurisdictions.

Sator Fidelis will leverage the experience they have to provide the Protectors and beneficiaries of trust structures with the insights from a fiduciary audit or assurance review of their structure.

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David Garland is Managing Director of Sator Fidelis.

He is a chartered accountant and member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

He has over 30 years experience of trust and fiduciary services, having held senior positions in wealth management businesses of RBS Group in both the UK and a number of offshore jurisdictions. He was most recently Executive Director, Head of Trust Administration & Operations, for Coutts Trustees, responsible for the trust businesses in Jersey, Switzerland and Cayman. Previously he was Head of UK Trust Tax & Estate Services for RBS, responsible for the UK fiduciary businesses of Coutts, NatWest and RBS.

“Sator Fidelis uses the expertise and experience of our consultants to look at the ‘nitty-gritty’, with a particular emphasis on areas of risk to the beneficiaries. We do not give tax, investment or legal advice, but we do work closely with the trustee and the professional advisors in place, to give peace of mind that the trust structure is operated as envisaged and that the beneficiaries’ interests are safeguarded.”

David Garland, Managing Director of Sator Fidelis


 “I believe that Sator Fidelis is an exciting new development which will create more transparency and protection for trust beneficiaries. I see some analogies to the development of the function in recent years of ‘investment gatekeepers’, whereby specialist companies monitor the investment strategies, risks and returns for clients of investment businesses. This increase in transparency is good for clients, and it is good for the reputation of the international financial centres.” 

Helen Hatton, Managing Director of Sator Regulatory Consulting

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