Regulatory Recruitment

Regulatory Recruitment

Sator has launched a new initiative “Regulatory Recruitment” to focus on locating specialist staff for regulatory authorities worldwide.

Operating under a complementary brand, sitting next to Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited, Regulatory Recruitment sets a new service benchmark for statutory authorities who seek to fill regulatory roles.

Regulation is not just another job – a good regulator is a very unusual person, they must be highly industry literate, yet be a dedicated public servant: completely commercially astute, yet unmoved by monetary gain. He or she needs to demonstrate calm, be proportionate and balanced in their dealings, yet be clear thinking and, when necessary, capable of being very tough indeed. They must understand the conflicting pressures of facilitating business yet keep their duty to protect investors’ interests very firmly in mind.

These are jobs which require the highest levels of intellectual ability combined with the very highest ethical standards.

With these goals in mind, Helen Hatton saw the opportunity to launch the world’s first specialist regulatory recruitment business. Specialising in regulatory roles only, Regulatory Recruitment, will develop a network of applicants available for permanent and interim roles across the globe, providing a skills pool from which authorities can draw.

"I see senior regulatory roles advertised to attract auditors, lawyers and bankers or management consultants – seldom do I see recruitment campaigns geared to attract professional regulators. I think its time for a change. Regulation is a profession in its own right and needs to be recognised as such. If I were a member of a non executive board looking for a new Chief Executive or Director General, I would want people shortlisted who had been put through preliminary selection by an agency that knows what being a regulator involves, not a firm that yesterday was looking for a head of a drinks manufacturer and tomorrow will be interviewing telecoms marketers. Finding the right people to regulate the global financial services industry is enormously important – it is worthy of a specialist service." - Helen Hatton

Please contact Edmund Hatton on 617298 or 

All applications and enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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